You can read my review of Nine Inch Nails’ new EP Add Violence here. This EP and the trilogy the band is doing right now really resonate with me heavily at the moment and the themes being explored click with what I’ve been working on lately heavily. I’ll be seeing them at Panorama this coming Sunday and am going to in some capacity probably write about it.

LAVOLA – The Space Between (Acoustic)

Sparse, delicate, haunting and ethereal in its beautiful melancholy, Lavola’s first new music released since 2014′s fantastic LP This Book Is My Cowardice is an acoustic solo track, live and accompanied only by a childlike and looping Korg synthesizer. Cires’ vocals are fragile, wavering and intimate, a vulnerability closer to his demo-style debut EP than anything found on the raging and eruptive seas of Leaving Paris or … Cowardice. It’s a gorgeous, evocative song that brings with it a pain of nostalgia around something that you can’t quite name, or maybe not even remember intellectually, but can’t help but feel deeply emotionally, and it’s all the more powerful for its ghost-like, streetlamp-silhouette-soaked ambiguity. Listen to this.

Starboy Review (AKA An Article Where I Gush a Lot About Abel Tesfaye)

I got asked to do a review of The Weeknd’s newest album Starboy, which got ran over at Headstuff, as you can read here:

Forgot to put this here a week or so ago. I can’t stop listening to the album. I had to give it a score and I hate giving things scores. In general I dislike the idea of things being critiqued in numerical values. Judging art with math is just silly to me. But I totally get it. I hate things like Rotten Tomatoes scores and yet I look at them just as much as anybody else even when I know how full of shit they can often be. Regardless, Starboy is an amazing album and the best thing The Weeknd has done so far. I’ve seen a lot of people that are a lot less enthused about it and it’s disappointing to hear; I think it’s the ultimate blend of his darker trappings and his commercial aspirations, and it manages to splash blood across the poppy canvas he’s painted his own image on. It’s a total fucking blast and needs to get played really, really loudly.

Been extremely busy with working on rewrites of a number of short stories and drafts for novels so I’m using articles and reviews as ways of taking breaks from that side of my head while still exercising my writing muscles. Getting into painting again. Bitching about movies. Kicking general ass.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Skeleton Tree Review

My review of the fantastic Skeleton Tree album is available to read now on HeadStuff:


Review | Nick Cave bares his soul on the moving Skeleton Tree


“Howl Their Song” Available Now

A short story of mine, Howl Their Song, is now up over at Open Thought Vortex:

Howl Their Song

The response on there’s been extremely positive and I’m happy to share something so many people seem to enjoy. This started as just total free writing late one night with no specific goal in mind other than the opening imagery, and it flowered from there. Half of the time things like that are just exercises not worth sharing, but this is a good example of the other half, in my mind at least. Themes of isolation, loneliness, detachment and searching for meaning are all at the core of it. And, yeah, I’m a Chelsea Wolfe fan — “Lone” is definitely the soundtrack to this thing, if it has one.

By and large I think this thing speaks for itself, and I hope you enjoy it.