LAVOLA – The Space Between (Acoustic)

Sparse, delicate, haunting and ethereal in its beautiful melancholy, Lavola’s first new music released since 2014′s fantastic LP This Book Is My Cowardice is an acoustic solo track, live and accompanied only by a childlike and looping Korg synthesizer. Cires’ vocals are fragile, wavering and intimate, a vulnerability closer to his demo-style debut EP than anything found on the raging and eruptive seas of Leaving Paris or … Cowardice. It’s a gorgeous, evocative song that brings with it a pain of nostalgia around something that you can’t quite name, or maybe not even remember intellectually, but can’t help but feel deeply emotionally, and it’s all the more powerful for its ghost-like, streetlamp-silhouette-soaked ambiguity. Listen to this.


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