This WordPress Thing

Every other writer I run into has one and I don’t so this is fixing that problem. Chances are if you want the most up to date look at what I’m doing, my tumblr will still be the way to go, and my twitter will continue to be the strange cesspool that anyone’s is. Facebook is an absolute non-event for me in every sense of the phrase and without a doubt is the last place to bother trying to get anything resembling updates on my work because I’m chronically awful at using it.

Nobody reads anybody’s blog unless if you’re George RR Martin and even then it’s just because everyone is waiting to see if you’ve finally slipped a release date in for The Winds of Winter. But that hasn’t stopped me from vague and long-winded posts on tumblr and so I probably won’t allow it to stop me on here. Whenever something comes out, I might post about it, and might use this site as a way of commenting a bit more than I often do (which is not at all) on whatever it is that’s being published. If you care about anything I make and are interested in that type of self-obsession then this might be the place for you (little-known fact: that Talking Heads song was originally titled that and they decided it was too non-committal [better-known little-known fact: I made that up just now]).

So, yeah. This WordPress thing. Everyone who writes but me seems to have one of these so now I do too because I don’t see why I shouldn’t (other than it’s perfectly meaningless and is just another thing to have to keep track of but that’s most tasks in life). That’s about it. Hopefully this goes alright. Clearly, my expectations are high. “Unnecessary” is a word that never looks like it’s been spelled right, but it likely applies here.


One thought on “This WordPress Thing

  1. Well in some regards your pessimism is due. Once you have liked, commented and followed hundreds of bloggers, even then as soon as your posts stop coming the drop off is incredible, like an extinction event. Keep blogging away though and things will change, and if nothing else it’s a great way to curate all your stories etc.


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